The Milky Way Society

We here at The Milky Way Society are just of bunch of regular folks from Central and Southern Ontario who think that star gazing makes for an ideal community activity.

   Stargazing is one of those idyllic all-ages activities that costs nothing, is as simple as lying down on the ground and looking up and yet it opens our minds to the true wonder of the universe and our place in it.

   The night sky is always changing and forever the same.  The time spent looking up to the heavens makes everyone forget about their troubles for a moment and transports us into realm of the future, the past and of infinite possibilities.

   Most of us don’t know a whole lot about the night sky but many of us know a little bit. Put a group of people together in a park on a clear night and we’re always amazed at how much learning and sharing takes place.

   As a society dedicated to preserving the night sky we realise that part of our mandate is to educate people on the value of preserving the night sky, the benefits to personal health and well-being by reducing excess lighting in built up areas and the opportunity to maintain a healthy environment for all the creatures who thrive in the world after the sun sets.

   We encourage neighbourhood associations, nature groups, service clubs and friends to consider the fun of hosting a star gazing party.  It’s as simple as planning to head out on a clear night, keeping track of the phases of the moon so the night sky is as dark as possible and remembering to bring along a blanket.

   Our goal is to have everyone apply the KIS principal to star gazing.  Keep it Simple. Part of the fun of star gazing is that it is an unstructured activity. Everyone can participate. There are no tools needed or permits  required and many objects in the night sky can easily be identified without the aid of a telescope.  Heck, on a clear dark night you can even spot artificial satellites as well as shooting stars! 

   So organize your friends, invite your neighbours, gather up some pillows (and maybe some bug spray depending on the time of year) and plan to get up off the couch and lay down on the ground for a hour of relaxation and conversation under the stars.